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 Quantum leaps are about 'exponential jumps'.


Are you ready to stop taking baby steps, and take a quantum leap forward in your life?

Would you love to learn the keys to propelling your life to a more empowering and fulfilling level, and how to manifest your true desires?

My book will teach you these shortcuts through practical strategies that you can start using today to shift your life into a higher gear.

In this book, you'll learn how to harness the hidden power of the Universal Laws by unlocking their mysteries and learning how to make them work FOR you, and not against you. The Laws are impartial, and work the same for everyone. You are subconsciously directing them positively or negatively. They will follow your thoughts, either way. Learn how to consciously direct your energy into attracting positive momentum.

This 40 page book is written in easy to understand, concise language, and will greatly increase your understanding of the major Universal Laws.  It also gives you specific tools you can immediately implement to increase your ability to manifest your desires.  I wanted to make the book a quick and enjoyable read, with easy to implement steps. 

I am no longer giving away my new eBook. Instead, I am going to give the proceeds of each sale to one of my favorite charities - Feed The Children. For every $4.99 invested to receive my value-filled book, Quantum Leap Your Life: How to Harness the Hidden Powers of the Universal Laws, the funds will be forwarded to Feed The Children.

Feed The Children is a very reputable 5-star charity, with a long track record of helping to end childhood hunger. Around the world, they provide nourishing meals every day to more than 263,000 children. By donating, you are helping to meet the urgent physical needs of children by providing food, taking action in communities worldwide and creating long-term solutions for clean water, medical care and education.

Click here to learn more about this fabulous charity: Feed The Children Website.

To receive your copy of Quantum Leap Your Life: How to Harness the Hidden Power of the Universal Laws, use the button below to make your payment via PayPal. In 'the message to seller' include your name and email address, and I will email you a copy of the eBook.

I'd love to hear your feedback after reading the book.

~ Coach Carla

Here are a few testimonials about the book:

"Coach Carla's book, Quantum Leap Your Life, is very concise, spot on, and easy to follow, with tips that are easy to apply to one's life. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who desires a better understanding of the Universal Laws and how mastering them can take one's life to a whole new, better level."
~ G. Brian Benson, award-winning author, coach, actor, producer, and advocate of inspiration

"This is a wonderful book, Carla. I really enjoyed reading it. The information really helped it all make sense. I have felt so positive and grateful for having read it. PS. Many great things have begun to fall into place for me since I have read your book - not sure why, but I am also experiencing a wonderful feeling of inner bliss and happiness, too! I can't explain it exactly - but lately, even the problems in my life have either felt somehow positive, and seem to be miraculously righting themselves with little or no real effort on my part! Again, thank you so much for sharing it with me and the world! I hope that everyone gets the same feeling and outcomes that I have. A must read for everyone!" ~ Laura K.

"Quantum Leap Your Life, written by Carla Stock, a knowledgeable and trustworthy life-coach, is absolutely perfect for those seeking positive change in their lives, with the motivation and desire to begin that powerful transformation. A wealth of information, yet kept concise and easy to read, it's extremely empowering and enlightening -- leading the reader to want to take immediate action to creating a better life. I greatly recommend it as a 'must read'. I believe it's essential reading for anyone coming into the awareness of the Universal Laws that govern our lives, and a desire to learn to harness the power of them. The start of that journey should begin with this book. "
~ Kelly Wagner, owner of Good Kardma Greeting Cards

" The book, Quantum Leap Your Life, by Carla Stock, is very informative and clear in the descriptions about the Laws of the Universe. Carla answers many of the missing pieces that I had often wondered about in regard to the Law of Attraction. I always knew that there was more information available on this subject, but no one was sharing it. Carla explains most of the Laws of the Universe with her detailed insight. She gives the best description that I have read about how to visualize a goal or a dream. She also mentions that our thoughts really effect our lives and why it is important to monitor them and to be careful of what we wish for. If you are looking for a way to manifest your dreams and goals, this is a book that you must read!"

~ Debbie Yonas, Life Coach